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On Sunday 30th November 10 hardy volunteers were joined by Sarah Gall and in pouring rain, a biting wind and epic amounts of mud, parts of an old and decaying hawthorn hedge were coppiced,  ie. cut carefully down to the ground in order to rejuvenate it with fresh strong growth next spring and henceforth.  Some new hedging was planted and dead hedging filled in any gaps in the meantime.  We shall be working on two more 10 metre sections on Sunday 2nd March 2009.  A date for your diaries, anyone who would like to join us.  Cake will be involved, thanks to Sarah. Better weather would also be appreciated!

As for trees,  seven beautiful specimens have now been planted near the Church Road fence-line of Sarah’s field: four lime and three wild cherry.  The hardest part for us volunteers was erecting the oak fencing around each tree necessary to protect them from deer and grazing horses.  And I have to say in all modesty that the fences are works of art! They and the trees will be enhancing the landscape for us and for wild life for many, many years to come.  A special big thank-you to John Eardley and volunteers from H.H.C.V and from the Boxmoor Trust, including Paul Moran, Rowena Eardley and friends Colin, Alan and Tim who travelled from various locations to help.  Also, many thanks to Rita Fyvie-Rae who turned out and worked like a trooper, in spite of being unwell. And of course thank you to Sarah for the hard work, the site and not to mention the cakes!

By the time this is printed, five more trees will have been planted in a stand within the field: two sweet chestnuts, two ash and one more cherry.  Work will be continued next winter on new hedge planting.  Yippee!

Josie Jeffrey


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